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Metal Bellow Mechanical Seal

Metal Bellow Mechanical Seal

Metal Bellow Mechanical Seal

Burgmann metal bellows mechanical seal MFL85N


Single seal, Balanced/ Independent of direction of rotation/ Metal bellows/ To EN 12756 (DIN24960).

Mechanical in the JGMFL series have a universal field of application. They are designed for extreme ranges of temperature and for high-viscosity media. There is no dynamic“O”-ring and therefore a bellows seal will never hang-up.

Operating limits:

Specification: 16~100mm

Pressure: ≤2.5Mpa

Temperature: -20℃~300℃

Linear speed: ≤15m/s

Axial movement: ±1.0mm


Combination of materials:

Sealing face: Graphite, Silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide

Secondary sealing: Acrylonitrile rubber, Fluorine rubber, Ethylene propylene rubber, Flexible graphite, PTFE

Metal component: stainless steel, Alloy steel







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