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Cutting Structural Steel

Cutting Structural Steel

Cutting Structural Steel

12L14 is cutting structural steel, it is to adapt machining automation and assembly-line production line produced. Such steel can be relatively high speeds and the amount of cut for deeper cutting, and due to the addition of the steel cutting element and the cutting resistance is reduced due to addition of the compound from the characteristics of the element itself and the lubrication of the tool edge is formed acting portion, so that the chip easily broken, reducing the wear and to improve the accuracy by finish machining of parts, to improve tool life and productivity.

Material: 12L14. SUM24L. Y15Pb

Shape: Round, Hexgonal

Size: Round 2.0mm - 32mm, Hexgonal 4.0mm - 24mm

Length: Length requested by customer order

Packlng: Securely strapped (PE transparent material,etc)




12L14 sulfur compound belonging to lead cutting structural steel. Lead free cutting steel, the lead in the tiny elemental metal particles distributed in the steel and non-solid melting in steel, in the cutting process, resulting in a span friction between the tool and the work piece, the steel was melted lead particles precipitation, and thus play a role in improving the lubrication cutting steel, steel crushing the chips, reduce tool wear, and ultimately extend tool life. Compared with the lead-free steel, leaded cutting steels can be increased from 20 to 50%, while the mechanical properties and heat-treated properties remained unchanged, cold, hot workability and weldability are not affected. Lead free cutting steel has been widely used in the manufacture of precision instrument parts, auto parts, important parts of various types of machinery. But contact fatigue lead free cutting steel is low, it is not appropriate to withstand fatigue stress load large gears, bearings and other parts.

Good easy to iron processing performance: The product has a smooth cutting, excellent material, processing stability, good microstructure, chemical stability, small deviations, steel purity net, easy to damage the tool and so on. Very easy in lathe cutting tool life and productivity are increased by 40%.

Good plating performance: cutting very easy; drill hole, milling deep grooves and so on. Processing efficiency than ordinary steel can be greatly improved; plating good performance, can replace copper, greatly reducing product cost.

Easy to iron finish is good: The car machined workpiece surface finish.

Easy to iron Environmental protection: SGS environmental certification in line with EU standards, and certified by the Swiss environment.

Chemical Composition

AISI: 12L14; JIS: SUM24L; GB: Y15Pb










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