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Steel Cutting

Steel Cutting

Steel Cutting

1215MS cutting steel for environmentally friendly materials, compared with 12L14 no lead and do not contain environmentally harmful substances, cutting good. Suitable for general plating axis, cutting materials and general parts. 1215 due to the precision, the surface in good condition, easy cutting of steel products can be used directly. Such as spraying, sanding, bending, drilling. Actual requirements can also be finely drawn directly after plating, machining eliminates a lot of time and save the configuration processing

Material: 1215FS. 1215MS. SUM23. Y15

Shape: Round, hexgonal

Size: Round 2.0mm - 32mm, Hexgonal 4.0mm - 24mm

Length: Length requested by customer order

Packlng: Securely strapped (PE transparent material,etc)




Shape Size diversity: different shapes by designing the mold, cold out different cross-sectional shapes, different sizes of tolerance cutting steel. Angle can be straight or rounded corners.      

High accuracy: Use high-quality carbide tooling to ensure accurate tolerance, unity.      

smooth surface: advanced cold extrusion process makes cutting steel product surface smooth and bright.      

Materials substantial savings: cold drawing cold extrusion process is the raw material to achieve the desired shape deformation, specifications and tolerances, very little loss of raw materials, the relative use of traditional lathe machining cutting the consumption of material, free cutting steels savings in material and time is very impressive, especially when a large amount of material, material cost savings is more significant.      

save processing time and processing machinery: The precision, the surface in good condition, free cutting steel product can be used directly, such as spraying, sanding, bending, drilling, in accordance with the actual requirements of finely drawn after direct plating, free went to a lot of machining time and cost-saving configuration processing machinery.

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